Pack it in: TV not the only medium

Marketing Week

Some of the biggest-spending consumer brands in the UK miss out on a fundamental trick when it comes to brand marketing. Although the spirits sector invests heavily in above-the-line advertising, it often fails to link its advertising themes with below-the-line promotions. Yet through-the-line activities immediately lead to impulse purchasing. If consumers cannot link an advertising […]

Cadbury axes Trebor 24-7 after poor sales

Marketing Week

Cadbury Trebor Bassett (CTB) is understood to be axing mint and chewing gum brand Trebor 24-7, just over a year after the product was launched in the UK, following poor sales. The launch was CTB’s biggest push last year, in an effort to rival Wrigley’s hold on the mint and chewing gum markets. Industry insiders […]


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