Parents should police the Net

In response to Carole Cheadle’s letter regarding the Internet (MW June 10), I think she is a bit naive. Most men may use the Internet “one-handed” to begin with, but that soon changes when they get bored of it.

It was also a generalisation for Ms Cheadle to talk about “most men”. It would be like me saying that most women spend all their time on the Internet looking at fashion and beauty sites.

Most of the people I know use the Internet either as a reference tool or socially in chat rooms.

I agree that children could get access to porn sites, but in response to Ms Cheadle’s question, “Who is policing this revolution?”, the answer is: the parents should be.

Let’s face it, you would not give a child a dozen butcher’s knives to play with and expect the manufacturer to be there to ensure the child does not get hurt.

Parents have to take responsibility for their children, but if they want to access porn they will find a way to do it.

Neil Hyde

Marketing co-ordinator




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