Park Lane to launch West brand in UK

The UK’s biggest own-label cigarette maker is planning to launch two new premium brands in the UK, including one of the world’s fastest growing brands.

Park Lane Tobacco, the subsidiary of German cigarette giant Reemtsma, has confirmed it will launch its premium brand West in the UK market, and also plans to widen distribution of Davidoff (which is currently only available through UK duty free and specialist tobacconists).

Insiders admit the launches may have to be brought forward to escape a UK advertising ban.

Park Lane will put the bulk of its spend behind the West Lights variant, to appeal to younger smokers who prefer brands such as Marlboro Lights.

West is one of the fastest growing cigarette brands in the world, and Hamburg-based Reemtsma is known to want to introduce it in new markets. Millions of pounds have already been invested in marketing the brand, which became a sponsor for the McClaren For mula 1 team this season.

One industry insider says the brand will be launched as soon as June, but the company denies this.


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