Parrot fashion? Oh no it isn’t

Please do not print press releases verbatim so blatantly in future. I was genuinely interested in the RS Components article (Case study, e-volve October 25), but the whole piece was devalued by being a barefaced plug for BroadVision (the penultimate paragraph was a dead giveaway).

No doubt its PR company had a jolly good time down the wine bar on Friday, but the lack of subtlety actually did the client no favours. We’re all supposed to be in marketing – did they think we wouldn’t notice?

Nigel Lloyd Parry

The Marketing Management Office

Kenilworth, Warwickshire

Robert Dwek replies:

Nigel Lloyd Parry’s wild allegations are completely unfounded. The references to BroadVision had nothing to do with PR manipulation and in fact resulted from questions initiated by e-volve


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