Partnerships, not pitches

The best measure of success in pitching should be fewer pitches – a concept that might be counter-intuitive for heads of new business.This is why the IPA is developing a joint industry model charter from which clients and agencies can cherry pick to suit their needs.

By making our client agency relationships work better, we can create valuable long-term partnerships that will improve the pitch process and result in better commercial creativity.

Ultimately we must work together for the collective good so get in touch and get involved.

Ian Priest, IPA president and founding partner, VCCP 

Accommodate the native

The whole debate around native advertising has become very controversial. It is quite a new concept and we’re still figuring out our way, and because we’re not collectively members of a ruling body, it is easy for people to make us a scapegoat.

We believe the editors are the judge and the readers the jury – we have to treat them with respect and transparency in the paid space so as not to lose them but we also want to engage them with something that they have come to that destination for – great content.

Paps Shaikh, European GM, Say Media 

The christmas video

It was interesting to read why shoppable videos are gaining popularity among online fashion brands. Consumers are drawn to dynamic images and video, so content-led publishing that enables consumers to move seamlessly from browsing to purchasing will be integral to sales this Christmas.

Furthermore, tablets are becoming a key shopping device, so brands should provide a digital experience built for this screen. These will be the key to attracting the gift-hunting consumer this Christmas.  

Mark Haviland, managing director, Rakuten

Face the facebook facts

The debate over whether Facebook is failing marketers has divided opinion. The key to Facebook marketing success is testing to evaluate what works best on it.

Marketers should also remember that Facebook is only one channel and so should not be viewed in isolation. An orchestrated marketing approach across the channels of email, mobile, social, display and web will achieve the best returns and valuable, long-term relationships.

Simon Robinson, senior director marketing & alliances EMEA, Responsys  

The madness of sugging

The Government’s consultation into nuisance call regulations will be an important step for the market research sector, helping to put an end to sugging – selling under the guise of research.

MRS is receiving more complaints about this practice and in many cases the complainant tells us that as a result of being subject to sugging they will not participate in genuine research.Businesses need to explain why they want personal details and what they are being used for, and ensure the privacy and rights of research respondents are protected and adhere to the law. These measures are key to making sure businesses retain consumer trust and that research is both ethical and valuable.

Jane Frost CBE, chief executive officer, Market Research Society



Potent signs of engaged times

Jonathan Bacon

If Lady Gaga can use outdoor to unveil her latest album, it must be the medium of the moment. Digital screens with new technologies have brands flocking to them to engage consumers – but there’s a strong showing from static sites too.


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