Partnerships that aren’t just brief

The claim of Don Williams that “getting the brief right is the most important part of any design project” (MW January 6) misses out a crucial part of the creative process – the interaction between client and agency. Williams’ assertion not only expects too much from clients, it also handicaps the positioning and creative processes that generate strong and effective branding.

When developing any creative project, it is important that agencies understand the strategic culture and needs of clients, and this only happens if they work with – not “for” – clients. The days when creative briefs were distributed to a range of agencies in the hope that the right response would come back should be behind us, no matter how good the briefing.

Brand design is one of the most powerful communicators companies have, but it is also one of the most vulnerable. There are countless examples of how getting it wrong damages consumer perception and ultimately sales. This is why it is essential for agencies to work alongside clients in order to create the right solutions. Any other process is like buying design by mail order.

Sally HorroxManaging directorFinisterreLondon SE1


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