Passion is key marketing tool

It was an interesting article by Tom Bawden – “DM start-ups become a vanishing species” (MW October 14) and a priceless quote from Chris Barra-clough. Was that “least successful” or “last successful” Chris? Just kidding.

One of the most illuminating comments is from Judith Donovan. Marketing is about passion – about the will to take on a client’s problem and budget and treat is as if it were your own. How many clients have said to us that it’s our passion which makes an impact. How many have said that it’s our culture which retains our reputation for strategy and creative and hence our clients. How many clients can say the same thing about the Branns, WWAV’s and Barraclough’s of this world? Answers on a postcard with a contact telephone number please.

Incidentally, TDA started three years ago. We were the fastest growing DM agency in 1997, ninth fastest in 1998 and have small clients like Bank of Scotland, Clarks, Legal & General and many more. Look and you shall find.

Neil Fox

Director, Heather Westgate

Managing director, TDA



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