PC World launches first cinema campaign

PC World is launching its first ever cinema advertising campaign that will accompany movies such as Terminator, Star Trek and Angels & Demons.

The ad will be screened in more than 2,500 cinema screens around the country from June 5 and is part of a larger campaign kicking off on television tonight (Wednesday).

The new advertisement, created by M&C Saatchi, features the strapline “Whatever Your World – PC World” and shows how technology impacts on everyone’s individual world through a series of vignettes. It is part of a wider campaign.

The 60-second ad features actor Christian Slater (pictured) and opens on a man who tells how his world is film. Though a clever use of flashbacks the ad shows him as a boy taken to see Star Wars by his father and experiencing high octane movies as he grows up. He eventually recreates the cinema experience in his own living room courtesy of PC World.

Fleur Castell, head of marketing at cinema sales house DCM says: “Cinema is the perfect place to target the difficult-to-reach 15-34 year olds who are traditionally light TV viewers. Films such as Terminator and Star Trek are the perfect draw.”

PC World marketing director Neill O’Keeffe says: “The new ad is all about bringing life to technology and showing how through different technologies and products PC World can help its customers enjoy whatever is their world. Home cinema and film has had a huge impact on people’s lives so we’re delighted to be able to recognise this through the ad and the medium of cinema itself.”

According to TGI Q1 2009, 68% of 15-34 year old male cinemagoers agreed that they try to keep up with the latest developments in technology.


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