Pensions Regulator searches for DM agency

The Pensions Regulator is looking for a direct marketing agency to communicate to employers the widening of its remit following the passing of the Pensions Act 2008.

Pension queue

The regulator now has the additional role of maximising employer compliance to the Act which requires the latter to offer workers a qualifying workplace pension scheme and automatically enrol them to the scheme from 2012 if eligible.

This means that the Pensions Regulator will need to contact employers and explain the new requirements; follow up on issues of potential non-compliance; send out reminder and penalty notices; and ensure there is no pressure from employers on staff to opt out.

This sees the regulator’s core audience widen from professional pensions advisors and trustees, to a much broader range of intermediaries and all employers.

The COI is handling the pitch process to find an agency to handle the communications for the regulator.

The DM agency appointed to the account will be involved in areas such as strategic planning, online creative, email list purchase and planning, and understanding data planning, use and segmentation.



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