Pepsi faces up to the challenge

The Diary has a confession: it prefers Pepsi to Coca-Cola. Hardly the most startling of revelations, perhaps akin to supporting Man City over United.

The Diary has always seen Pepsi as Coke’s irritating little brother, trying to prove to his parents that he is everything his older sibling is. With this in mind, when news came of Coke’s tie-up with New York City for a joint promotion – including special labels depicting the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty – the Diary decided to fight back on behalf of Pepsi.

So, above is Pepsi’s new “Chesterfield” limited-edition drink. Featuring the famous crooked spire in all its glory, and no doubt being augmented by a TV campaign showing Tony Benn skateboarding around Saltergate, the campaign is set to have the Coca-Cola executives crying into their Tab Clear.


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