PepsiCo tests ‘high-energy’ Mountain Dew

BYLN: By Helen Jones

PepsiCo is testing its high-energy Mountain Dew soft drink brand in Northern Ireland and is believed to be planning a UK launch next year.

PepsiCo marketing manager for flavours Soren Mills says: “The product is on sale in Northern Ireland but whether it is launched in the rest of the UK depends on how it does there.”

Mountain Dew is a bright green, lemon and lime carbonate which is very sweet, high in caffeine and calories and is marketed as a high-energy drink. In the US, it is associated with teenagers and “Generation X”. Its American advertising campaign features the “Dew Dudes”, who enjoy a spot of bungee jumping or sky-surfing before drinking cans of Mountain Dew.

According to the US soft drink bible the Beverage Digest, the brand is the US’s fastest-growing carbonate, with annual sales of $2.7bn (1.7bn) and far outsells rival Coca-Cola’s Mello Yello brand.

If the product does launch nationally in the UK, advertising will be handled by Abbott Mead Vickers.BBDO.


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