PepsiCo tries KFC

PepsiCo, worldwide owner of KFC and Pizza Hut, is using the UK to test a new initiative offering both types of fast food through a single outlet.

The move will test the feasibility of running both operations using shared facilities and resources, particularly kitchens and staff, as well as testing the impact on both brands.

If it is a success, and the format will be tested over 12 months, the new design could be rolled out worldwide. In total, there are 20,000 KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants worldwide, over 700 of them in the UK.

PepsiCo has been looking at opening alternative outlets for its restaurants for some time, and has already opened KFC and Pizza Hut outlets next door to each other.

The company believes that customers at KFC, Pizza Hut and another of its main chains, Taco Bell, share many characteristics in terms of age and social grouping – and are the same people who drink Pepsi-Cola.

The first of the new outlets opened last week in West Hampstead, North London, while another is planned for Norbury, in South London towards the end of the month. Both sites are former Pizza Hut outlets which have been completely remodelled.

The West Hampstead branch is a delivery unit, while the Norbury store will be the first joint restaurant – a 50 seat quick-service outlet with delivery and take-away facilities.

A joint British and US team was responsible for the design and architecture and has created a concept designed to be replicated anywhere in the world.

The test sites will be having a unified design on menus, signage, delivery boxes and uniforms using an integrated form of both brand logos.


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