PepsiCo UK boss plans to merge 4 divisional management teams

PepsiCo UK president Martin Glenn is planning to integrate the management teams of the company’s four UK divisions – Pepsi, Walkers, Tropicana and Quaker Oats – by introducing a single layer of senior management. At the moment, each division has its own management team.

The restructure follows Glenn’s promotion from president of Walkers Snacks in May. The company has yet to reveal further details of what the restructure will mean for Pepsi-Co UK’s four marketing teams, but there is likely to be some duplication of roles across the team. This is also likely across the sales teams.

On his appointment, Glenn was given a brief to introduce a more coherent commercial strategy for the brands and he is understood to have started his review when he took on the role four months ago. He says bringing the divisions together will create the best platform for future growth of the UK brands.

Glenn’s promotion was part of a restructure of PepsiCo’s international business, overseen by international chairman and chief executive Mike White. Former Walkers Crisps marketing director Mike Munro was also transferred as part of the review. He returned to the US to become vice-president for food (MW August 21). He was replaced by Carol Garbutt, Walkers marketing director for media and new product development.

According to industry speculation Neil Campbell, vice president marketing for Walkers Snacks, is tipped to get the top marketing job at PepsiCo UK.


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