Peril of ignoring print marketing

Commercial radio’s success in increasing its share of advertising over the past decade is undoubtedly laudable. But could one be forgiven for suggesting that your leader and two-page article (MW November 15) went just a little over the top?

If we bring the focus closer, we see radio’s advertising revenues declining by seven per cent in the first nine months of this year – only slightly better than the ten per cent drop seen by TV. Over the same period, consumer magazines have seen a six per cent increase. So what is going on?

We hope that what we are seeing at long, long last is a realisation that the television-only campaigns so beloved of marketers are mostly a huge waste of money. Clients are beginning to understand that print can improve both the targeting and, more importantly, the effectiveness of their campaigns.

The evidence that mixed-media campaigns using print can deliver better results more cost-effectively is now so compelling that marketers ignore it at their peril.

Phil Cutts

Director of marketing

Periodical Publishers Association

London WC2B


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