Pernod account put up for review

Campbell Distillers is to review its advertising account for Pernod in the UK after it has finished an international research project examining the brand.

The research which affects the UK, Germany and France, is looking at use and attitude among consumers following several TV cam- paigns over the past two years which have promoted Pernod as a long drink.

Campbell Distillers is reconsidering the use of TV in the future because past ads have failed to find the 18- to 25-year-old age group at which Pernod is aimed. Once the research is completed and a new strategy determined, the company intends to review communications arrangements for the brand.

Campbell Distillers marketing director Mark Davis says: “We are not going to be using the existing TV campaign. We are taking this year to do quite a lot of research. Then we will look at our media requirements.

“It’s not a function of wanting to change the advertising agency. It may be we use the same ad agency in the future or a different one.”

Previous creative work for Pernod has been developed by DMB&B in Germany and has been used in a number of European markets including the UK.

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