Pernod Ricard takes pregnancy logo scheme global

Pernod Ricard is to expand the use of its European on-pack health warning system for pregnant women to the rest of the world as part of ongoing efforts to promote responsible drinking.

Pernod Ricard will inform women worldwide not to drink when pregnant with warnings on bottles.

A logo telling pregnant women not to drink will be seen on all bottles for brands such as Chivas Regal, Absolut and Malibu produced by the company’s 80 subsidiaries. The business says the expansion of the voluntary labelling system aims to “unambiguously” highlight to pregnant women the dangers of drinking.

It will be supported by public conferences, leaflets and PR activity that will also highlight the company’s other commitments to responsible drinking.

Drinks makers have come under increasing pressure from the Government to implement pregnancy warnings on labels. The Portman Group has pledged to ensure pregnancy warnings along with unit information and daily guidelines will be included on 80 per cent of all labels by the end of 2013 as part of the industry’s commitment to the Responsibility Deal.

Pernod Ricard became the first global drinks business to include the logo throughout Europe in 2008.


Branwell Johnson

Marketers could do more to create engaging anti-alcohol abuse messages

Branwell Johnson

Imagine a scenario where all alcohol advertising and promotion is banned – removed from outdoor, print, cinema and digital media, as well as television. Where even retail outlets cannot display point of sale and as for pub promotions – forget it. Sport sponsorship? It’s a no-go. In such an environment, how could brands possibly create loyalty and encourage the take-up of new products and variants among consumers?