PETA rapped over swine flu fear mongering

A People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) campaign has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for spreading “undue fear and distress” about swine flu.


The ad states “meat kills” in large letters next to a list of diseases with swine flu more prominently featured than others including e.coli and mad cow. The end line reads: “Go Vegetarian. PETA”.  

The watchdog ruled some readers might infer that eating meat caused swine flu because the disease stood out more than the others and sat next to the statement on meat and vegetarianism.

PETA says the ad aimed to highlight the role that livestock production played in the incubation, development and spreading of fatal infectious diseases and not suggest that eating meat caused swine flu.

The ban comes as amid controversy over a current PETA billboard ad that features Steven Barker, one of the killers of Baby P.

The ad, which is on display in Haringey, the North London borough where Baby P was murdered, features Baker’s name next to text that reads “animal abuser, rapist and murderer”. Below it states “people who are violent towards animals rarely stop there”.

The ad has reportedly attracted complaints on blogs, forums and BBC London radio.   

The developments come follows the recent rejection of a PETA ad, which featured a couple offering their daughter advice on sex, for being offensive.

Broadcast body Clearcast ruled the “Sex Talk” ad was “highly likely to cause widespread offence and lead to complaints”.


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