Peugeot creates Envy “whodunnit” campaign

Peugeot is creating an interactive “whodunnit” style adventure as part of an integrated campaign to promote its limited edition Envy model.

Television, press, radio, mobile and Facebook activity will provide clues that build to form a “whodunnit” mystery story.

As part of the “Beware the consequences of Envy” campaign consumers are invited to piece together the clues and vote on the likely suspect via Facebook with the chance to win a Peugeot 207 special edition Envy.

Peugeot marketing director Christian Stein says: “It’s a brand engagement activity within a tactical campaign. The point is to interest people and our objective is to grow traffic, get more Facebook fans to engage and build a relationship with Peugeot and so boost sales.”

A television campaign launched on 1 February showing a new Peugeot Envy being maliciously pushed into a swimming pool by an unknown culprit. TV ads will run until mid-March with different executions giving clues to who the perpetrator is. Facebook activity launches on 17 February.

Stein ads that brands should be careful of how they use Facebook. “It’s very fashionable, but there have been mistakes made by brands on Facebook and there will be more made.

“If you use it as the sixth above the line channel just to broadcast, you’re missing the point. It has to be social and playful or develop the brand values.”




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