P&G cries foul on Unilever no-show

News reaches Marketing Week of another sporting challenge between two respected companies. And they don’t come much bigger than Unilever and Procter & Gamble. However, P&G is crying foul.

It would seem that over the past three years a football match has taken place between the two giants, with P&G running out 6-0 victors three years ago, 2-0 victors two years ago, and Unilever winning last year’s event after a penalty shoot-out.

Eager for revenge, P&G has been undergoing intensive training, but claims that Unilever is proving “uncontactable”. Not only that, it has kept the winner’s trophy. Come on Unilever, you’re not going to stand for that are you?

First you’re accused of copying P&G’s business structure, and now you’re accused of running scared by its football team and nicking a trophy. What would Mr Cescau say? Maybe, like fellow Frenchman Arsene Wenger, he’ll claim that he failed to see the incident.


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