P&G launches 1 Like = 1 Day charity Facebook campaign

P&G is launching 1 Like = 1 Day, a Facebook campaign to drive awareness of its global safe drinking water initiative.


Under the campaign, P&G, which owns brands like Pampers, Ariel and Pantene, has pledged to provide one day of clean drinking water for children in developing nations for every Facebook Like.

P&G will also share stories, photos, and videos from the field so that consumers can see how it works with humanitarian, NGO, and emergency relief partners worldwide.

As part of the digital initiative P&G has launched a blog and webpage so that consumers can keep up to date with developments around the world.

The Children’s Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) Programme, which sees P&G provides packets of powdered water purifier it developed in partnership with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to 65 nations where clean water is not readily available, has been running for seven years. This is the first social media activity to promote the initiative and engage consumers.

The FMCG firm claims CSDW has helped save more than 22,000 lives by purifying 4bn litres of water. It recently announced that it would rebrand the packets with the P&G brand for the first time.

Bob McDonald, P&G’s chairman, president and CEO, says: “As we work toward our goal to save one life every hour by 2020, we want others to play a part and share in our journey. This is one simple, but meaningful way for people all over the world to help us touch and improve lives by sharing clean drinking water.”

The initiative launches today (25 January).


Darrell Minards

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