P&G outlines 2020 sustainability goals

Procter & Gamble has pledged to ramp up its use of renewable energy as part of its long term vision to become an environmentally responsible business.

In partnership with WWF, P&G has pledged to reduce its use of petroleum derived materials by 25%, reduce its packaging by 20% and ensure 30% of the power in its operations is sourced from renewable energy by 2020.

P&G says it will also look to reduce the waste sent to landfill by 2020.

The goals are on top of P&G’s existing 2012 targets.

The FMCG manufacturer set additional sustainability goals of renewable energy, materials and waste to landfill that it will achieve by 2020

Speaking today at a web conference from the US, Bob McDonald, president and CEO of P&G, laid out the company’s long term sustainability vision

McDonald says that the fmcg manufacturer will “continually work towards” its eventual aim to power is plants with 100% renewable energy, make its packaging from 100% renewable materials and send zero waste to landfill.

Len Sauers, VP of sustainability at P&G says the 2020 goals are an “incremental step” and will “put us on a path to achieving our long term vision.”

He adds that P&G will work with WWF on sustainable sourcing, energy and on the ground conservation efforts.

The company will report annually on its progress.


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