P&G to take sustainability message to brand campaigns

Procter & Gamble (P&G) plans to communicate its 2020 sustainability commitments through brand marketing in the UK.

In partnership with WWF, P&G has pledged to reduce its use of petroleum-derived materials by 25%, reduce its packaging by 20% and ensure 30% of the power in its operations is sourced from renewable energy by 2020.

The new commitments will also be communicated to consumers through P&G’s existing consumer-facing initiative Future Friendly, which aims to educate consumers on how they can reduce waste and save energy and water.

Dr Peter White, global sustainability director at P&G, told Marketing Week: “Our customers know P&G through our brands and this is how we’ll communicate our environmental efforts.”

The company has revealed the additional sustainability aims on top of its 2012 targets as part of its long-term intention to power its plants with 100% renewable energy, make its packaging from 100% renewable materials and send zero waste to landfill.

P&G president and CEO Bob McDonald says: “P&G does not view environmental responsibility separately from the business and its long-term sustainability vision transcends its business and financial goals.”

Dr White adds: “P&G has a purpose-driven growth strategy. If we want to grow we have to do it sustainably – there’s no alternative.”

P&G also called on industry, retailers, suppliers and consumers to work together to achieve sustainability goals.

McDonald says: “No one company can have all the answers but we recognise that we need to be part of the solution.”



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