P&G unveils branded services for Olympians

P&G has unveiled a range of branded services on offer to the families of Olympians visiting London during the Games.

Procter Gamble

The FMCG giant’s “Family Home” in central London has been developed to create a “home away from home” for athletes and their families, according to a statement, by offering them a “place to relax and unwind”.

Guests will be able to use services such as “The Ariel Express Laundry Service”, “The Pampers Play Village” and “P&G Beauty Express Counter”.

London 2012 is P&G’s first summer Olympic Games since becoming a worldwide partner of the International Olympic Committee in 2010. A series of wide-ranging campaigns have launched under the “thank you Mom” banner this year to exploit local and global interest in the Games.

Speaking at a press conference to announce the opening of the venue, P&G’s global brand building officer Marc Pritchard, said its Olympic sponsorship’s focus on families best represented its product portfolio.

“We don’t make sports equipment, we make Tide, Pampers and Ariel. P&G may seem to have little to do with the Olympics but behind each athlete is an amazing mum and helping mums is what we do best”

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