Phase Eight tries on personalised email

Women’s fashion retailer Phase Eight is driving its email marketing activity with customer profile data following the implementation of a marketing automation solution.

Having implemented Neolane, the company experienced a 363 per cent increase in response to its new season collections personalised campaign compared to the same messages sent using its previous tool.

“We are replacing our email mass marketing tool with the Neolane platform because it enables us to generate automated, one-to-one personalised and timely communication with our customers and gives us a central point of control over marketing campaigns,” says Jodie Dunkley, head of e-commerce at Phase Eight.

“We expect that by ceasing content-generic campaigns and being more relevant in our communications with each customer, we will drive additional web sales and footfall in stores as well as increase loyalty and average customer lifetime value,” she adds.

Using data generated in any channel, the retailer will be able to optimise the content and messages it sends for each individual. During trials, 28.6 per cent of emails were opened and 52.31 per cent of those opens led to an action, such as clicking through to the website.

Customers will also be presented with the appropriate next best offer from a catalogue of propositions using Neolane Interaction, a recommendation engine. Phase Eight has been able to significantly reduce its campaign development and execution time by 50 per cent, while partner campaigns are now taking just eight staff hours to set up compared to 38 hours previously.


Proof of identity does not look good on paper

Marketing Week

In a welcome early delivery against election campaign promises, identity cards are to be scrapped today, along with the new generation of biometric passports. ID cards collapsed under the dual burden of failing to provide any additional policing or national security benefits and being a costly vanity project in an era of austerity.


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