Phelps signs global Subway deal

Olympic swimming star Michael Phelps has signed a long-term global deal with sandwich chain Subway. The move is aimed at growing Subway’s UK and European business in the run-up to the London 2012 Olympics.

The exclusive deal means Phelps, the winner of a record eight gold medals in Beijing, cannot enter into deals with any other restaurant chains, including McDonalds, who he was linked to during this summer’s games in Beijing. The deal with Subway will last until at least 2012. It is understood several fast-food outlets had attempted to sign Phelps following his eight gold medal wins in Beijing.

Peter Carlisle, the swimmers agent, says the partnership “dovetails neatly” with Phelp’s goal to promote swimming ahead of the London Olympic Games. Subway is keen to expand across the UK and Europe.

Since his success in Beijing, Phelps has signed deals with swimwear company Speedo, Visa and Kelloggs. The swimmer’s US campaign for Kelloggs cereal Frosted Flakes drew heavy criticism from healthy-eating campaigners due to the product’s high sugar content.


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