Philadelphia Light launches ‘healthy living’ sandwiches

Kraft Foods is launching a range of pre-packaged sandwiches using its Light Philadelphia brand. This marks the first time that Kraft has used Philadelphia as an ingredient in another product.

The sandwiches, to be launched in January, will come in a number of different variants including Light Philadelphia and smoked salmon, and another with smoked ham. It is thought the range will be aimed at the healthier eating market. It is not clear what kind of activity is planned to support the launch but it is likely to include sales promotions and point-of-purchase material.

The launch is understood to be part of Kraft’s strategy to offer consumers healthier food choices. The strategy was launched in July last year and includes a number of “Healthy Living Principles”. It includes reviewing portions sizes, reducing levels of salt, fat and sugar in products and not targeting advertising at children under six years old.

The Philadelphia brand has been extended into different areas such as dips and mini portions. In the US, it is sold in a pack with bagels and it has also been extended into the sweet snacking market with products such as chocolate covered snack bites and brownies.


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