Philips launches green tick logo

Philips Electronics has launched a green tick logo to help consumers identify its environmentally friendly products. The logo, which is being rolled out now, is part of the consumer electronics company’s long-running EcoDesign initiative.
The Philips Green Tick will be used on its Green Flagship products, which have “significantly better” energy efficiency than the nearest competitor products in the same category as well as other environmental benefits, such as the use of flame retardant materials. The Green Flagship range, which is certified by external auditors, was worth Euros 2.2bn (£1.5bn) in 2006.
The company launched the EcoDesign programme in 1994 to reduce the environmental impact of its products.
Rudy Provoost, chief executive of Philips Consumer Electronics, says: “Philips is committed to being a responsible industry leader and helping consumers to find more energy-efficient lifestyles through increasingly advanced products and better information.”


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