Phones4U ads not a horror show


Phones 4U Scary Girl

From the ’Jack’ campaign by WCRS in the early noughties through to last year’s ’Hard working Prison Guards’ ads by Adam & Eve, Phones4U’s advertising has carved out a niche that set it’s branded comms apart from those of its rivals – which is surprising given Phones4U’s (then) new marketing team at the time the account was won by Adam & Eve in 2009 wanted to move away from the bizarre characters used in WCRS’s campaigns.

Campaign continuity can pay dividends, particularly for challenger brands with less budget to propel new creative and media strategies. While Adam & Eve have dialled the bizarreness down a notch or two, it’s latest work for Phones4U manages to capture the brand’s trademark quirkiness that has served it well for almost a decade.

The decision to theme the ads around horror is a wise one, as the genre’s rich with pop culture references that appeal to the brand’s aim to reach an older audience without alienating younger consumers.

It will be interesting to see how effective the teasers are on TV, as it’s arguable the creative for the TV spots themselves are strong enough to stir conversation alone.

Adam & Eve has some executed memorable creative for its founding client over the last three years. The market, however, is more competitive now, and while it’s not a direct rival, O2 has demonstrated that a mobile retailer that consistently invests in brand communications and consumer experience, as well as a strong pricing strategy, gains market share and consumer loyalty.

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