Pimm’s to launch ‘winter warmer’ variant

Diageo is taking the unprecedented step of extending its summer drink brand Pimm’s with a “hot” winter variant later this year. The new drink will be called Pimm’s Winter, and like mulled wine will have to be warmed before serving.

Pimm’s Winter will include a blend of oranges and spices and will be marketed as a warm refreshing drink for the colder months. The drink will be rolled out on trial from October.

It is not clear whether Pimm’s Winter will be supported by a television campaign featuring Harry, the lead character in the summer Pimm’s ads. The character, created by Mother, was introduced two years ago. The ads carry the strap-line “Pimm’s is simple to serve”.

There has been a spate of Pimm’s brand activity this year: Pimm’s ready-to-drink bottles were launched in pubs and bars, in an attempt to make the drink more accessible to consumers. Diageo also launched a 1l ready-to-drink variant in the off-trade sector, to save the trouble of mixing the drink at home. Pimm’s already sells ready-mixed cans in the off-trade sector.

In June, Diageo began testing a ready-mixed dispenser in 60 bars across the UK. The taps were tested at various summer events including the Wimbledon tennis championships and Royal Ascot.


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