Pitcher wisdom is pure sophistry

George Pitcher argues against forgiving the Third World debt on the grounds that to do so would be ignoring some of the sophisticated, subtler points of the problem (MW May 14).

Unicef, which is in perhaps an even more informed position than Mr Pitcher, states that 500,000 babies and children under five years old are dying every year as a direct result of the debt.

Oxfam, Save the Children and Christian Aid all note that infant mortality was steadily declining before the debt crisis; since the debt crisis it has rocketed.

There is always a good reason for not doing anything and as usual Mr Pitcher demonstrates his prediliction for appearing intelligent by endorsing conventional wisdom.

I think it was Churchill who said: “Conventional wisdom is always conventional, but rarely wisdom.”

Eldbridge Cleaver said: “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

I find Mr Pitcher’s arguments aren’t sophisticated. Just sophistry.

Dave Trott

Creative director

Walsh Trott Chick Smith

London W1


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