Pizza Express and Jazz FM join forces

Pizza Express and Jazz FM have teamed up to launch a number of joint branded initiatives. The deal includes the pizza chain’s sponsorship of Jazz FM’s drive time show.

The tie-up will also see the radio station broadcast in Pizza Express’ 300 restaurants from October 21. In other initiatives, they will launch jazz compilation albums and stage live music events.

The sponsorship of the drive time programme, hosted by Gary King, will include competitions and branding on the show’s microsite.

In addition, the two companies will work together online with live streaming of Jazz FM on the Pizza Express website and links to each other’s sites.

There are also plans for joint promotions through press advertorials, as well as promotions via special offers to both companies’ databases.

Richard Wheatly, chairman of Jazz FM, says: “I am convinced that by partnering these two uniquely complementary brands we can deliver significant benefits to both Jazz FM and Pizza Express by providing our customers with a combination of great food and great jazz.”


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