Pizza Hut and BlinkBox in movie and pizza partnership

Pizza Hut and online film streaming service have teamed up to offer a “perfect, relaxing night in,” with discounted movies with every Pizza Hut Delivery order.

A co-branded website will offer customers a 20% discount on a selection of films from classics to new releases that change each week.

Pizza Hut’s digital agency Blue Barracuda has created an online campaign with online banner adverts based around film clips to promote the collaboration to a male audience of 18-30 year old film and game enthusiasts.

Pizza Hut chief marketing officer Murray Willows says: “We’re always looking for innovative new ideas to help us to reach our core demographic. We’re confident that this partnership will help them create the perfect, relaxing night in.”

Pizza Hut Delivery is a subsidiary of Pizza Hut and the brand was in talks with agencies at the end of 2008 to launch a marketing strategy for the delivery service.


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