Pizza Hut Delivery looks to be “home based entertainment” brand

Pizza Hut is launching its first pizza delivery TV advert in eight years in a bid to reposition the brand as “home based entertainment.”

Pizza Hut Delivery
Pizza Hut Delivery campaign

The new national campaign, created by AMV BBDO, breaks today (12 February) with the message that Pizza Hut Delivery means good times, delivered!

Pizza Hut claims the idea is to position Pizza Hut Delivery as more than just pizza in a box – it is home-delivered entertainment.

It aims to show how a quiet night can turn a bit raucous when the pizza arrives, with Pizza Hut Delivery looking to become synonymous with that moment.

The ad shows a young mum putting her baby to bed, before heading downstairs to catch-up with her husband and a few friends, who have come over for a quiet bite. The ‘quiet night in’ soon then becomes a party, unintentionally oblivious to the sleeping baby upstairs before the baby appears downstairs, arms akimbo and tapping his foot.

The baby then says “Hey, Hey, Hey! Some of us are trying to sleep around here!” and promptly storms off.

Chris Tebben, marketing director of Pizza Hut Delivery, says: “This campaign is all about showing how a Pizza Hut Delivery can really liven up your night in. It’s our first delivery ad for quite a while so we wanted to create something fun and memorable, and we hope our customers have as much fun watching it as we had creating it.”

Pizza Hut recently extended its £2m “any excuse” marketing campaign by launching a series of stickers that consumers can peel-off from selected bus stops.



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