Plasma will not bleed you dry

I am writing to clarify some of Chris Mugan’s misleading comments about plasma technology, made in his article “Business Presentations” (MW November 12).

Firstly, plasma screens are not “expensive”. Plasma technology is a very viable alternative to a good quality data and video projector and screen. In fact, at 6,950 the Sony plasma screen offers a number of cost benefits over alternative technologies including impact, colour, brightness and convenience. It is up to consumers to decide what the benefits are once they have been given a true and unbiased account of the facts.

Secondly, plasma screens are available in two rectangular formats – widescreen (16/9) and standard (4/3) and also in a wide variety of sizes.

Not wishing to plug competitors products, Fujitsu offers a 21″ screen, NEC a 33″ screen and of course as mentioned in the article, there is our own 42″ screen and a 50″ screen from Pioneer.

Computer displays are not a different shape from widescreen, they are a different aspect ratio. A switchable plasma display, as available from Sony and other manufacturers, will be able to handle both formats.

The article was also misleading on the issue of resolution. XGA resolution, such as Pioneer, is available from manufacturers now. With an in-built scan convertor, the Sony PFM 500A1WE has always been able to handle XGA signals.

Ultimately, it is a decision for the end user as to which they prefer, but with so many options available it is imperative that the end user speaks to a service provider who can find the right product for their needs.

Tripta Dogra

Marketing manager, displays

Sony BPE (UK)



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