launches Apple iTunes rival

Online music retailer is launching a music download service to challenge the dominance of Apple-owned iTunes. says PlayDigital will sell tracks cheaper than its rival and also offer digital tracks and albums free from Digital Rights Management (DRM). has partnered with record label EMI and a number of larger independent labels and distributors, including Vital and Pinaccle. It says it has “millions” of tracks available for download and anticipates further growth over the next six months as more deals with labels are brokered.

It says that because songs are DRM-free they will work on any MP3 player and music management applications. It also allows file-sharing between music players.

Tracks in the top 100 will be available for 65p per track compared to iTunes’ 79p per track. Albums on PlayDigital will be available from £4.65. say albums in the top 100 will be available for download £1.00 cheaper than iTunes.


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