Playtent for Friskies’ feline friends

The battle to become petfood market leader has given marketers at Friskies paws for thought.

A loyalty scheme for regular customers of Go-Cat Complete, or rather their cats, offers a cat Playtent.

Nestlé-owned Friskies hopes the miniature tent with claw scraper, toy ball and mouse will prevent competitors from clawing their way towards the number-one petfood spot.

Will moggies think the tent is the cat’s whiskers or will they just carry on ruining furniture and piles of fresh laundry?

Those Friskies marketers are confident enough to spend £1m promoting the Playtent on TV, but fur could fly in Nestlé’s corridors of power if cat owners nationwide are left thinking of 101 uses for redundant yellow cat Playtents.


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