Please, do not get me wrong

I would like to draw your attention to some errors that appeared in the feature by Paul Gander (MW April 1).

Unfortunately, I was misquoted and two of the points attributed to me were factually incorrect.

I was quoted as having said that “the aeo stipulates that any member-organised event with more than 2,000 visitors must be audited”, but what I actually said was that it is any event over 2,000 sq m in size that must be audited as per the aeo’s code of conduct.

He also mentioned that we worked closely with the Spanish Tourist Board, but while it is an exhibitor, it was actually the Danish Tourist Board that worked with us to develop their “perfect event” trip.

I hope that this letter will set the record straight and will also reassure the aeo that we are supportive of their policies.

Jessica Blue

Event director

International Confex

London, SE1E-mail address for letters: Please include your home or business address


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