Podcasts and internet films make it into Radio Times

Radio Times, the TV and radio listings magazine, is extending its coverage to include a weekly guide to the best internet films on sites such as YouTube, iFilm and Google Video.

The new listings will appear on the Radio Time website, radiotimes.com, next week and will also include a guide to the best podcasts available.

The magazine’s website attracts a younger reader than the magazine, with an average age of 35. The site has 1.2 million unique users a month.

BBC Magazines’ editor-in-chief Duncan Swain says: “Our users are obviously interested in Web content and we need to be guiding them to the best that’s out there.”

He adds that each week the internet listings will cover a different theme such as comedy or documentaries. “It’s about acknowledging that the internet is now a credible entertainment choice for many who are as likely to spend half an hour in the evening flicking between two-minute films and movie trailers as they are to watch a soap on television.

“There’s a lot of footage out there and films being made and downloaded and we aim to keep our users up to date on what is worth watching.”

The Radio Times website is also introducing two new blogs, which will be updated throughout the week, about the best of what’s on TV as well as the best in film, radio and advertising.