Police called in after Grey hoax

Grey London has called in the police to investigate a hoax e-mail which was circulated last Saturday. It claims the agency’s chief executive Garry Lace is leaving to set up a new company.

Insiders claim the e-mail, which was sent via a Hotmail address in Lace’s name, was an attempt to destabilise the agency. The e-mail claimed that Lace, along with his client Air Miles’ managing director Drew Thomson, were plotting to set up a rival company to Air Miles.

Both Lace and Thomson vigorously deny the accusations made in the e-mail, which also said the two were already working with former BBDO finance director Peter Walker on the venture.

The e-mail, which was sent in secret from an as-yet unidentified location outside the agency, was sent to several senior advertising figures, including Grey’s chairman Ed Meyer. It was also sent to several journalists and new business consultants.

The e-mail speculated that the future of Naked Ambition, Grey London’s recent joint venture with media planning specialist Naked, was in doubt should Lace leave.

Grey has launched an investigation into the identity of the sender.


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