Pop art uncovered in the Midlands’ streets

popartWhat is pop art? A question that will probably receive a different answer from everyone in the world. Together with PD3, Wolverhampton Art Gallery has launched a campaign to inspire 14to 25-year-olds to look for things that could be considered pop art around the city and to promote the new Pop wing of the gallery, which opened last month.

The Pop wing houses Europe’s second largest pop art collection outside London. PD3 are advertising it using urban art installations, digital seeding, a free Popzine, and traditional outdoor sites – all methods designed to catch the attention of youngsters who wouldn’t normally be interested in galleries or art. 

According to Zoë Papier-nik, head of marketing at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, the campaign’s use of unconventional media will also cause people to challenge their conventional views of what art is. The success of this part of the campaign might not be that easy to measure, but whether or not interest in the gallery’s wing has been raised can obviously be noted by how many people pop down to see the art (sorry, couldn’t resist).


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