Pop goes the Diary’s puffedup bravado

Popcorn. Not difficult to eat but traditionally a real passion killer. Many’s the time that the Diary’s other half has been so engrossed in the crispy kernels that when the Diary’s attention wanders from the movie to what is known colloquially as “necking”, it has ended up choking on the rough stuff.

But the path to love is about to become smoother, thanks to the Popcorn Fork. No longer can the Diary’s special friend (Address Book, if you must know) pretend to be otherwise engaged by heat-expanded snack material, as we can now feed each other the nibble using the Butterkist Popcorn Fork (with integral salt/sugar shaker). Not so good is Butterkist’s attempts to contaminate Marketing Week staffers’ palates with Nacho Cheese flavoured popcorn. Which is deviant. And wrong. The Popcorn Fork, however (see popcornfork.com for details) is brilliant. See you at the Odeon…


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