POP posters do the business

Greg Turznski (MW June 10) is right to point out that most advertising is so far removed from the time and place of purchase that there are distinct barriers to achieving effectiveness.

Yet there are simpler and far more immediate options than his suggestion of interactive TV, or indeed any other fashionable new media solution.

Point of purchase six-sheet posters outside supermarket entrances are an excellent method of bridging that time/place gap. The latest research shows that more than 70 per cent of grocery brand purchasing decisions are made in store, so reaching consumers just before they buy makes very good sense.

Our network of six-sheets outside a range of stores such as Asda, Safeway and Savacentre has achieved directly attributable sales increases of up to 32 per cent.

If you don’t mind waiting, interactive TV will probably be effective. If you need effectiveness now, there are other ways to achieve it.

Ann Jonas

Director of marketing

Maiden Outdoor


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