Postal order revamp ahead of campaign

The humble postal order, once a popular alternative to cash, has had its first redesign for 20 years to bring it up to date with the new Post Office visual identity. The redesign marks the start of the Post Office’s first marketing campaign for the products.

Brand communications agency Marketplace has designed the format, which incorporates the Post Office’s font, colour scheme and logo.

The Post Office claims the postal order is a “timeless product that, while being more than 120 years old, has many modern benefits”. Postal orders are used by expatriates as a secure form of international remittance, which is cashable in 47 countries. Postal orders are also used by people without bank accounts for paying bills and are a way of giving money as a gift. The Post Office wants to push this last aspect.

Over the years, postal orders’ popularity has waned as more people have opened bank accounts and retailers have introduced their own gift vouchers.

Marketplace client services director Ashley Goodall says plans to develop the postal order in usage-specific ways are being considered.


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