Postar gripe is not whole story

I am writing in response to your story “Postar plans split from NOP after specialists’ complaints” (MW May 8), which suggests that the end of NOP’s relationship with Postar has come about as a result of Postar’s criticisms of a lack of resources and an unwillingness to help on NOP’s part.

NOP has, in fact, always fielded a wholly-dedicated team to work with Postar, as well as providing it with access to a wide range of skills and expertise across our organisation when required.

We have also taken an active role in assisting Postar in developing new approaches to data gathering and analysis and in advising on significant upgrades to existing hardware and software systems in recent years.

It may be worth noting that Postar currently uses software developed specifically by NOP (at NOP’s expense) to run the new “Postar” measurement system.

Ivor Stocker

Managing director

NOP Research Group

London SE1


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