Postcode Anywhere overhauls online service

Following 12 months of development, Postcode Anywhere has made its new website live. Offering international address validation and route optimisation services, among others, the site offers an improved user experience.

Managing director Guy Mucklow says: “As a company leading the charge rather than merely following the constant march of technological progress, the new website reflects just how much the web has changed in the last few years.”

He adds: “It’s about more than adding a new blog section and Twitter feed. The entire purchase process, from landing on the page to finding out more about the product, the sales process right through to the actual usage of our services, has been brought in line with the latest best practice.”

The relaunch coincides with new license terms for Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File which is expected to drive increased usage of address data. Poostcode Anywhere’s focus is on helping businesses to improve their inernal processes through online data access.


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