Posterscope eyes enhanced Route usage

Posterscope is exploring alternative uses for research body’s Route database by cross-referencing it with third-party sources to help brands target specific audiences out of home. 


Posterscope’s planning app will help advertisers target specific audience types by using third party data sets, such as TomTom, or TfL’s data, to enhance Route and better calculate the likelihood of people to see an ad frame in certain locations.

Route, the recently re-branded out of home advertising research body, consists of a database of over 19 billion digitally-gathered data sets, and is co-funded by the out of home industry.

Route provides marketers with data sets to measure outdoor advertising’s effectiveness but Posterscope claims that using it with additional third-party datasets can enhance the intelligence to be used as a forward-planning tool.

The data from Route now includes a mapped inventory of every outdoor ad frame in Great Britain plus GPS travel survey data tracking footfall from over 28,000 people.

Plus it has a host of new metrics including realistic opportunity to see (ROTS) and likelihood to see (LTS), a metric devised using its eye-tracking technology.



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