Pot Noodle promotes Sticky Rib variant with nightclubs ad

Pot Noodle is launching its latest Steve and Digger’s musical world themed ad to promote its new Sticky Rib Chinese takeout flavour.

The ad sees Digger’s bedroom transformed into a nightclub. DJ Steve calls to the audience for Pot Noodle lovers to ’Rib It Up!’ while Digger shows off his moves on the dancefloor.

The ad features The Blackout Crew, who were behind the song Put A Donk On It.

Mother created the ad, which breaks today (11 June).

Pot Noodle first unveiled the two YouTube-inspired rappers Steve and Digger in 2008 in an ad called “Moussaka Rap”. The company says it was inspired by the popularity of user-generated content on websites such as YouTube, where users can watch thousands of homemade videos that attempt to emulate the posturing seen in the music videos of American rappers.

Another campaign featuring a parody of a 1980s power ballad was criticised as sexist and portraying women as sexual objects.

Nicola Waymark, marketing manager of Pot Noodle, says: “Steve and Digger’s hilarious entrance to clubland takes their unique musical world to another level for the launch of our new Sticky Rib flavour.”



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