Poundland expands into Europe

Discount retailer Poundland is expanding into Europe to build on its UK success during the recession.


It will trade under the brand name Dealz in Europe but is expected to retain its single price strategy.

Dealz stores will replicate Poundland in the UK and stock a range of brands, included Kelloggs, Cadbury’s, Pantene and Kodak, non-branded products as well as locally sourced products such as milk, eggs and crisps.

The first Dealz store will open in Ireland in October, with six planned by the end of 2012. It will later extend its reach to mainland Europe.

There is an opportunity for discount retailers across the Eurozone as the region faces mounting debt crisis and consumers face tough conditions.

CEO Jim McCarthy, says: “Finding a European brand name for an established UK brand was no easy task. It was important to ensure we decided on a brand name that was going to resonate with our Republic of Ireland customers and in the future, enable us to expand the brand in mainland Europe.”

Poundland has 347 UK stores and has grown rapidly since the onset of the recession. It claims to see 3.5 million shoppers every week.

The group plans to open 50 Poundland branded stores in the UK in the next year.

Poundland does not advertise and has relied on word of mouth to spread its message but McCarthy previously told Marketing Week that it will look to run above the line advertising when it reaches around 400 stores.



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