Poundworld banned for misleading ‘everything £1’ ad

An advert for discount retailer Poundworld has been banned by the ad watchdog for its “everything £1” claim after it was found to be selling goods for more.

Poundworld has been wrapped for running a misleading online advert (see above).

The brand pledge ran online but was challenged by a complainant, who noted ‘manager special’ items had been sold in stores for £3 and £8.99.

Poundworld argued the ‘manager special’ products were “occasional” offers, sold during Christmas and at “infrequent intervals” throughout the year. No more than two products are on offer at a time, it added, and they are clearly distinguishable in-store from the £1 stock.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said the online promotion failed to acknowledge the special offers and concluded it suggested that every product in-store was priced at £1.

Poundworld cannot promote all its products are sold for £1 until it stops selling higher priced goods.



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