Power players: The Marketing Academy’s leadership tips from the top

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Troy Warfield, vice-president of family care, Kimberly-Clark

  • Define the organisations you fit with and those that you don’t, according to your personal values.
  • Engage in an element of risk taking. I’m not at the Branson end of the spectrum, but I’m less conservative than most people.
  • Never stop learning. After 10 years at Unilever I did an MBA from which I got a good understanding of different businesses.
  • If you can talk confidently about return on investment, then you can be the most powerful person in the boardroom.
  • Focus on fewer things and nail them. What will make you stand out and do better than anyone else?
  • Work hard, and play hard – celebrate the small successes.
  • Use travel to become open to new experiences. Every year, my family and I think what experience will we have?

Sarah Warby, former marketing director, Heineken

  • Leadership is the ability to set the direction, communicate it compellingly and inspire and support everyone to deliver it.
  • Applying your talent and ability better than anyone else is what will get you ahead.
  • Make choices. If you relentlessly pursued everything, you would get nowhere.

Charmaine Eggberry, global senior vice-president of marketing, Nokia

  • Following your head and heart will make you good at what you do.
  • Part of being a successful individual in business is being mentored to get that external perspective.

Major General Arthur Denaro, led 44,000 UN troops in the Balkans

  • A good leader builds a good team. Team building is about instilling comradeship, discipline and professionalism.
  • Communication is essential. If people are not informed properly it is a seed-bed for rumours. And communicate the old fashioned way, not just by texting, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Maintain your “enemy strategy” even when you’re miles away from the enemy.
  • Pat yourself on the back occasionally, but don’t be arrogant.


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